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Established in the year 1997 RSG came into being with a vision of bringing to the Indian subcontinent, the cutting edge Apple technology to define and set new standards in the creative business segments of Video, Film, Broadcast, Audio, Graphics, Photo and Print. Starting with a team of 5 professionals in the year 1997, RSG has grown today to more than 240 people with Offices at five major cities in India.


Our mission is to provide our clients with the latest and superior solutions by keeping abreast with latest developments in the domain of expertise. As a team, RSG brings to your project, world-class experience and expertise coupled with understanding and vision. Today RSG has become the expert Solution provider in the Media industry.


Our vision is to bring people, ideas and technology together to create superior solutions for our clients. Yes, we do business…we build a bond with our clients and that is how we work in ‘partnership’. The Head Office is located in New Delhi with Branch offices at Mumbai, Kolkata, Pune and Hyderabad. Today, RSG has the biggest team of Apple Certified Sales and Support Engineers.

Core competencies

The core client centric Strategic Business units are Print, Photo and Graphics Segment, Video and Broadcast Segment, Retail, SME and Education. The latest development is Software Services Group.

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Printing From the Desktop (Without a Desktop Printer)

Don’t want a printer icon cluttering up your desktop, but you still want to print files from the desktop or a Finder window (kind of greedy, aren’t you)? Then try this little trick: Control- click on the file you want to print to bring up a contextual menu. Now just choose Print from the menu. Once you choose it, it will either start printing or take you directly to the default application’s Print dialog.